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Our team of drug lab cleanup experts at First Response are carefully trained to test, identify, and treat any hazardous and bio hazardous materials that may be present in a drug lab. Once your space is cleaned there will be zero traces of hazardous material making it a safe residential or commercial space for you to use. The combination of skill, professionalism, and commitment to excellence all mean that when you choose First Response, you’re choosing a company that you can always depend on.
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A person in a yellow hazmat suit and gas mask handling chemicals in an emergency restoration lab, pouring liquid from a container, surrounded by equipment and substances.

Our Cleanup Process For Former Drug Labs

We clean, repair, and dispose of physical and bio hazardous materials that may be present in the space to return property to its natural state. We begin the process by assessing the situation and running tests to determine any hazardous substances present. We then create a strong plan of action and prepare for decontamination. Following this our team will decontaminate the space and record all findings before the space is announced as being safe for people to live in.

Drug Lab Cleanup

Our team provides a detailed assessment of the space as well as a remediation plan. Our decontamination process includes:

  • Plumbing, sewer & septic tanks
  • Construction materials & furnishings
  • Household appliances
  • HVAC systems

We also check for and professionally remove drug residues, chemical spills and exterior contamination. The range of exposure pathways and complexity of the chemicals and drugs present make lab remediation a very specialized process. We provide post-remediation verification to guarantee our clients are fully satisfied with our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call to report a drug lab in Ontario?

If you have reason to suspect there is a drug lab in or around your building, report it immediately to the police. Drug labs can be set up in apartments, motel rooms, trucks, sheds, or many other areas. Clandestine drug labs pose serious dangers to its occupants as well as anybody in the surrounding area. On top of the risk of fires and explosions drug labs can poison people in the area. It is imperative that you contact the police when you have reason to believe there is a drug lab.

What does a meth lab smell like?

Many meth labs have powerful chemical odour. This odour has been described as smelling like ammonia or ether. Meth labs will often smell like cat urine or rotten eggs. In addition to the strong unusual smells, meth labs often have other signs such as blacked out or covered windows, strange ventilation, elaborate security, and patches of dead vegetation.


What are the dangers of a drug lab in a building?

The most immediate dangers of a clandestine drug lab in a building is the risk of fire or explosion. Because of the nature of the chemicals used to produce drugs such as methamphetamines in clandestine laboratories, escaping fumes can cause serious danger to people, even if they are not in the room or building where the lab is. The chemicals can cause central nervous system damage and other health risks. Even after a clandestine drug lab has ceased operations, there are still serious risks. Residue from fumes and spills settle on surfaces and are extremely dangerous.

What Are the Dangers of Cleaning a Meth Lab?

Meth labs are extremely dangerous for a number of reasons. The chemical residues left over by the production of the drugs can cause lasting health problems for anyone who comes into contact with them. The dangers don’t end with the lasting health issues from contact with these substances – the extremely volatile chemicals used in their production are flammable and explosive. There have been cases of the plumbing exploding due to the chemicals poured down the drain and toilet. If you are unfortunate enough to have to deal with the aftermath of a drug lab, don’t put your health and those around you at risk – contact us and we will safely clean up the area.

Can you test an area to see if a drugs lab was previously there?

Yes we can. If you suspect a clandestine drug lab was set up on your property or building, First Response Cleaning can run a series of tests to identify whether or not that is the case. Our chemical tests can identify which hazardous substances are present. If we find anything, we can clean the area for you and get it back to being safe.

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First Response is the company you can count on during some of your darkest times. We’ll be there to help you through, every step of the way. We are Toronto’s extreme cleaning service provider and handle all jobs with care.

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